Fresh products available from our warehouse specially selected for International Export. Long shelf lives allow transportation by sea to offer the best value for money and maximum flexibility at the destination.

This is a non-exhaustive list. On request, we can also propose the following:

  • a range of prepared meats (traditional and/or halal)
  • a wide range of French cheese
  • a range of fresh vegetables: carrots, onions, leeks…
  • a range of packaging solutions: croissant bags, cake boxes, pizza boxes, baking paper…

Please contact us for further information.

BeurresBeurre 82% FLECHARD micropain 10gr x 100 x 5
Beurre 82% FLECHARD 200gr x 40
Beurre 82% FLECHARD lingot 1kg x 10
Beurre 82% FLECHARD bloc 10kg
Beurre FLECHARD 82% bloc 25kg
Beurre de tourage FLECHARD plaque 2kg x 5
MGC Et MargarineMatière grasse composé NORMANDIE OR 200gr 40
Matière grasse composée BUTLER lingot 1kg x 10
Margarine feuilletage 500gr x 40
Creme UHTCrème UHT 1L 35% MG x 6
Crème Végétale sucr? 1L x 12
LaitLait 1/2 écrèmé FLECHARD 1L
Lait entier FLECHARD 1L
FromagesEmmental Français bloc 3-4 kg
Emmental Français rapé 1kg
Emmental Français rapé 200gr
Mozarella bloc 2,5kg
Mozarella en cossette 2,5kg
Gouda bloc
Edam bloc
Cheddar coloré bloc